Tuesday, 24 August 2010

first day at college.

hey guys, well today was my first day and it wasn't too bad.. it was pretty boring cos the lecturer just talked and I'm like mega tired lol. so I was up at 7 this morning to get ready and went away with my dad at quarter to 8!! but i went and got a wee cup of tea (it was only 50p) and walked up to the college, I was early but just went up to the class and sat, I was so scared cos I don't know anyone! :( so we had a wee break at 10 and I just sat in the class cos I didn't wanna just walk about myself! that makes me sound really sad actually lol. but some people came back so I started talking to them :P so I finished at quarter to 12 and just walked down to work. so I finished work about half 2/3 and came home. tomorrow I'm in all day at college and I'm so scared cos when it comes to lunch time I don't want to just sit myself :/ so I don't really know what to do. awk well that's my day, anything exciting happen in your day today? till tomorrow <33 xxxxxxxxxxxx
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  1. :) It's funny how we can walk about anywhere with one other person but by ourselves it is COMPLETELY different! I noticed that whilst walking down the street near my apt recently - my best advice re: the college situation is to bring a book or magazine with you everywhere. :) You'll make friends as the school year continues but if you ever feel awkward by yourself, just pull out your book or magazine. I've noticed people reading by themselves before and they look so comfortable and confident on their own - but I wonder if they're just as self-conscious as we can be but I'm being fooled by the book/magazine trick. xx