Wednesday, 18 August 2010


hey guys, sorry its been a while I just never know what to write, I feel as though no-one reads this.. so what I'm trying to do is get more followers, any ideas?

If I had more followers I would definetly write more, so help! please :)

Ok so first, is anyone interested in purchasing a prom dress; here's a picture of me wearing the dress.

and also..
my prom dress :-) x
it was quite a lot of money to buy, although I don't know how much! But my mum kinda needs money at the moment so any offers will be taken into consideration. Thanks :)

Secondly, my mum is a card maker but can't find a place to sell them so if you ever need a car, no matter how random it may be just give me a email at and tell me what you want, when for etc and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with how much it will be and any other details you wish to know.

Thirdly, my gran enjoys knitting and will knit anything for anyone so again if you need any knitted, whether it's a scarf or a cardigan, email me again at the above address.

Thanks so much for reading!  <33333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Have your mom sell her cards on - it's an excellent site! Take a look :)