Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Garnier Exfo Brusher Wash

hiya everyone, ok.. I know I've been away for a while but I've been busy with college and everything and I've got some spare time today so I thought I'd do a review on Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash.

Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash 150ml

First, it says it remover dead skin cells and visibly reduces shine, see results from day 1. OK, so this was actually bought for my brother but it didn't work on his skin, I think it made his skin worse I'm not sure.. that made me a little hesitant to use it but I decided the other night in the shower I was going to give it a try because my skin felt that way that it needed a good scrub! So the insturctions on the back say you've to turn the head round, squeeze the bottle until the product comes out, twist the head back and then massage the face in circular movements. So I done all this and washed it off.. Afterward my skin felt dry and tight but I put some moisturiser on and my skin felt better, so off I went to bed and waited for, hopefully, good results.

The next day my skin felt very soft and any spots that I had or could see appearing had disapeared and people were complimenting me on how good my skin looked.. Overall, I am very happy with this product and I would recomend it to anyone, now as I sad above this was bought for my brother and it didnt work for him, so it might work for some and it might not but it's totally up to you whether you want to try it or not :-).


It is quite expensive at £7.49 but it is worth it.. Boots have it on offer at the moment and it's only £4.49 still pretty expensive but it's worth a try.
If you give this product a try let me know how you got on and your experience could maybe help other people too :-)
thanks for reading as always!

Rebekah xxx