Tuesday, 22 June 2010


So i was checking my emails tonight and i logged out to click on my other address and it accidently clicked on my boyfriends.. it took me straight to his inbox and he didn't really have any new emails, but i saw he had a vey large number in his deleted so i thought i'd be nosey, wrong i know but i'm curious! Anyway, i got on and there's all these messages from facebook saying 'Carol Sullivan'* and 'Joan Wallace'* has sent you a message on facebook, so me being me i decided to go see what had been said and it only showed what the girls had been sending to him and obv a lot of them didn't make sense but i could piece together little bits.. so i thought i'm gonna go see what he's wrote back but i went to sign in and typed in his password ******, this is the password he uses for everything but when i pressed enter it came up saying something like 'you recently changed your password, do you remember this change?'and it had the options yes or no but i didn't click them so he wouldn't have known i had been on, but i got really upset about it for some reason and so i text my pal to come meet me quickly and i told her. She said i should confront him but see tbh i really can't be bothered with the arguing.. i just needed someone to talk to and i'm so glad i've got my friends and also this! as stupid as it may sound i feel as though typing it out on here makes all the pain away, i just wish people would read them.. if you're reading this thank you so much and please leave me a message, it would mean the world to me.

this has got nothing to do with the above post but i though i should just type it all in the oner! I'm starting my diet tomorrow because supposedly a wednesday is the best day to start so fingers crossed for that!! I'll try and right how i'm getting on in here :) infact i probably will because i'm on this most days anyway.

i haven't even weighed myself because i'm not even gonna put myself through that! i just wanna tone up so we shall see if you have any tips or good exercises to try then please leave me a wee comment and i'll always reply!

thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

love yous guys
rebekah <3 x

PS *not there real names :)


  1. Hey, I read this, keep writing, its nice reading you :)

  2. thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me :) xx

  3. Hope it works out, whatever you decide to do. I learned my lesson with being overly nosy - it was a hard lesson to learn though (and I'm still pretty nosy!).

  4. well we're over lol, he doesn't know what he wants.. ie doesn't know if he wants me so i was like laterssssss :) xx

  5. You did the right decision by breaking up with him! I red your story & You can write good :)