Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Avon Haul

Hiya everyone! So my Avon order came today, but I'm pretty annoyed because I was most excited about my fitflops coming through and they're out of stock! So I need to wait 3 weeks! :-( have any of you tried them and do they work? Leave me a wee comment with what you think. Okay so on to the haul, here is what I got...

I got the make up bargain bag and it was £7.50, in it it contained:

Personal Match Smooth Mineral Makeup Powder in Toffee
Marimekko for Avon all-over face palette in Poppy Bouquet
Colourtrend Eyeshadow Brights in Electric Blue
Twist and Glide Lip Gloss in Mauve
Twist and Glide Lip Gloss in Coral

Okay so first is the eyeshadow, as it can be seen from the picture it is very bright but i havent used it yet so I don't know if it is as bright going on but I'll let you know. It's not a powder eyeshadow it's a creamy eyeshadow which would make it easy to apply and is probably why it appears so bright in the picture.

Next I think will be the two lipglosses.

So the first one is in mauve, the lipgloss it self has a little plastic thing on top, like where the lipgloss comes out, its actually really hard to explain. At first I thought it would be hard to put it on but it's actually really easy, it kind of just glides on.. pretty much what it says :-).

Then its the Coral and its a kind of more pinky colour, its just the same as the mauve basically so not much I can say.

Then it's the all-over face palette, I love the colours in this, they're pinkish but have a litte shimmer through them. It says to 'swirl brush over the shaded, apply all over face and blend evenly.' I haven't used it yet, but I'm planning on using it tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes. Its such pretty colours and the packaging and everything is so sweer, I can't wait to use it! :-)

Lastly, but by no means least is the mineral powder, now this is a lot darker than the colour I would use.

The top as you can see is very dark, really dark compared to my natural colour. Under that I put a small amount on and blended it in, as you can see it is still dark but not as dark as the one above. I'm hoping this foundation will be good for when I'm wearing fake tan, which will be at the weekend so I'll let you know after that :-)

Have you used any of these products? and what do you think? Let me know any hints, tips and reviews!

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