Monday, 30 August 2010

Boots Bronzing Summer Glow Kit

Hi everyone, so I was at the chemist a day last week and bought a new mascara and if i spent more than £6 then you were getting the Bronzing summer glow kit from 17 free.

It is in a pretty little package that can be seen below

Inside it has a mirror on the top half and then on the bottom half is the make up. It has, 'Everything you need to become a sun-kissed Goddess.' The kit contains:
1 x Mirror Shine Lipstick, Sugar daddy
2 x Eye Shadow, Ivory Coast and Statuesque
1 x Instant Glow Bronzing Powder, Medium
1 x Bronzing Brush
1 x Eye Applicator

this is the cutesy little bronzing brush

This brush is good for applying the bronzer to areas you usually cant get like the eye area it is also good for contouring cheekbones and forehead.

The bronzing powder is supposed to be a medium but it isnt dark, which is either a good thing or a bad thing. I dont even know if you'll be able to notice the difference on my hand.

Next are the two eyeshadows.
As it can be seen below the top eyeshadow (yes, there is one there!) is very light and could be used as a base coat, highlighter or if going for the natural look a coulour by itself. The bottom eyeshadow, the more browny one is a very nice colour when it is on and isnt as dark as you think it will be, it has a nice shimmery effect to it.

Lastly is the lipgloss, it is also a kind of darker brown and has a slight glitter through it like the eyeshadow. It also is a very nice colour on and lasts quite a while. I apply it with a lip brush (not included) and it is easy to put on with that and quite a lot goes on.

Oh almost forgot, the eyeshadow brush

It has the sponge applicator on one end and a brush on the other end, very simple to use and makes it easy to apply the eyeshadow.

Overall, I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone, although I'm not sure if it will be in stores once the offer is over, so if you can get it! :)
I use this product everyday and so far have had no problems with my skin.

Thanks for reading :)


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